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WAVELET.dll is the Software Code. It compresses & decompresses raw video
(including .bmp files , now support only 24bits color BMP file).

Icmapp.exe is a test program that loads a .bmp file and calls WAVELET.dll
to compress the test file, and display it after decompression.

Aviedit.exe is a simple test program that convert a .avi file(one format)to another format .avi file(wavelet format). But you must install anothervideo driver like wavelet.dll

wavelet.zip include all files about this site,  you can download it and test it. wavelet.zip   includereadme.txt and readme.doc

        Since this software codec is Video-for-windows compliant, any Video for windows compliant application can use this codec. Adobe Premiere can using the wavelet software codec. Selection between PAL and NTSC resolutions and field rates is also provided.These supported resolutions are FULL,CIF,QCIF,QQCIF, and QQQCIF.

       Before load wavelet.dll, you must install it in your system.

- Copy WAVELET.DLL to your Windows 95/98 "\windows\system" directory.

- Add the following line in the [drivers32] section of the "system.ini"
file to install the WAVELET ICM (you can find this file in the \windows


I have wrote these programs with microsoft Visual c++ for windows95/98 platform

I am also coding visual wavelet based video program of Java version

If you necessary source code, you can

connect me: yangjiuhe@zaobao.com   (singapore email)

                            wavelet_video_sg@yahoo.com.sg (singapore email)

                            wavelet_video_in@yahoo.co.in   (India email)

                            wavelet_video@yahoo.com  (American email)